Alumni Spotlight: Axon Vibe’s Journey from Proof of Concept to Powering the MTA’s App for Essential Workers

Axon Vibe is a graduate of the 2019 Transit Tech Lab (Subway & Bus Challenge) and also had a crucial part in the MTA’s pandemic response. Tell us what Axon Vibe does and what problem you solved for the MTA.

Tell us more about the Essential Connector app and what was the outcome?

Essential Connector App. Photo courtesy of Axon Vibe

Why did you decide to apply to the Transit Tech Lab?

What have been some positive outcomes for your business as a result of participating in the Lab?

What advice would you give to an entrepreneur interested in applying to the Lab?

  • Set specific, targeted pilot goals that the company is confident it can achieve and ideally over-deliver.
  • Prioritize project management by identifying internal project champions, creating regular check-ins, and providing constant progress updates.
  • Use the time with the transit partner to establish relationships and better understand the agency’s problems.
Photo courtesy of Axon Vibe



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The Transit Tech Lab is an accelerator program for public transportation solutions launched by the @MTA and @Partnership4NYC