Public transit has played a critical role in the movement of essential workers throughout the pandemic — and it will be critical to the recovery of New York, the region and the country.

In 2020 the Transit Innovation Partnership partnered with the MTA, Port Authority, NYC DOT and NJ TRANSIT to make transit safer and empower customers.

In July 2020 our Transit Tech Lab introduced the in partnership with five regional transit agencies, drawing nearly 200 submissions in the competition. From October to December, transit agencies completed proofs of concept with eight of the most promising technologies…

Finalists of the Curb & Accessibility Challenge. Taken February 2020.

In the spring of 2020, the completed the second annual transit innovation program. Through the pandemic, eight companies worked closely with agencies across New York and New Jersey, to offer solutions that have the potential to improve for millions of daily travelers.

During this unprecedented time, the lab remained committed to supporting transit agencies and front-line workers.

In addition to our founding partner Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the Transit Tech Lab was joined by nearly every major transit agency in the region including Amtrak, NJ Transit, NYC Department of Transportation, NYC Taxi &…

In late October of 2020, eight companies were selected from nearly 200 global applicants to implement their innovative tools to create a healthier transit network as part of the . Over eight weeks these companies worked with the MTA, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and NJ TRANSIT on proofs of concepts that showed promising results. Solutions range from micromobility and improved air filtration to new cleaning solutions for facilities, buses and subway cars. Learn about their progress below.

Challenge Finalist Updates

manufactures individually leased folding electric bikes and scooters, and have demonstrated preliminary examples…

We launched the Transit Tech Lab to help the MTA evaluate innovative solutions to critical public transportation challenges. After receiving nearly 100 applications, judges chose six companies to take part in an 8-week intensive accelerator with the MTA that wrapped up at the end of April.

Selected companies responded to either a subway or a bus challenge. Here’s an inside look at the results from the collaboration.

Subway Challenge: How can we better predict, prevent and lessen the burden of subway delays?

Axon Vibe

During the accelerator, Axon Vibe developed a smartphone app that enables customers to plan bus and subway journeys and receive personalized notifications using real-time New York City Transit data combined with anonymized location…


The Transit Tech Lab is an accelerator program for public transportation solutions launched by the @MTA and @Partnership4NYC

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